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For a long time, i wanted to write a who journal about an ex partner of mine in the year of 2011. It might explain my disappearance of deviantart, the panic attacks I mention in other journals, the build up to complete loss of trust, and how I now have PTSD. Also back then, my family moved in a rented house, without internet for a year, which also explains other bits of my disapperence
So who else was watching it :3
I haven't any of my friends watching it (even though i pleaded them do so) 
Mr Norrell is not evil, but just a moody old man, and Strange is to naive in his actions when using magic. Oh I love this story, People may find it boring but I love it, magic, wives, 1805.
The man with the thistle down hair is one evil son of Lost hope, gosh i hate that fairy. He is mean, and stupidly Mr Norrell had to summon him, god strange and norrell are as bad as each other.
That's why i like it, they are both mad, but the other ends of the spectrum, poor strange I feel for him I really do. Losing his wife like that, made him go beyond mad, a little insane even. He needs help and by the end he sacrifices him self for his wife. 
(Burst out in tears) 
He did it for his, wife his love.. 
Ah if only that happened to me. 
I've spend to much money/time on men, I've only once received flowers, and that was by a man who had never dated me. *sigh*

Love really does make you do crazy things... and when you love so much, you may even kill yourself for them.. 
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Today is a sad day, today we lose a man who has created my childhood, nintendo as a company and every bit of happiness you could ask for. 
Today Satoru Iwata has passed away, It was hared when Robbin Williams and Christopher Lee both passed away, but this to makes things more difficult.
I am crying 
He made everything that nintendo is today.
Everyone is crying 
Everyone will remember you.. 

  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: smashin pumpkins Stand by your love
  • Reading: Housemate on Archive of Our Own
  • Watching: Shanghai Nights
  • Drinking: Juice
Wow, you know in 2008 i was 14, and I signed up to DeviantArt.
I am 21 now and guess what I am still here. 
Scary huh, I think so. 
So it's been a year since Millie died, and it's been kinda heartbreaking,/it's gone a year, and she has been a rest for a while now, the rose tree, which she is buried under has started to bloom too. It's beautiful, and it's growing round the wall the too. 
Hey I'm feeling good to, like real good. I've just sent a message to M. Explaining things. Man i wish i did that earlier, Another good thing, I started really listening to Apocalypica, I wish i did that earlier too. 
It's been 5 years since 2010. 
Man hasn't time gone so fast, unless I've been low and depressive for so long, that I've forgot that the world is still ticking by.
There is so much to tell you guys. 
I found work in October last year, It was okay they were a series of dead end jobs, but hey it earned me some money, which I'm please that I've earned. 
I've been doing lots of poetry stuff 
something i wrote this January 
"When it is day there is a Sun, and when it is night there always is a Moon. 
No matter if the clouds come together, the moon and sun are always there..."
It kinda doesn't rhyme but it has meaning. I feel happy, what. 
Seriously, i'm getting my mojo back together, I don't care if I have to work, I just want to paint and draw about my emotions and write tones out. 
Emotions are serious things, if your seriously sad and down, or very angry. It's best to talk to someone or find meditation videos/books.

meditation is helping a lot, i mean a lot, it's helping me, by not letting everything get to me. You know. When you have a bad day at work, or your parents moan at you, or teachers are stressing you or something else which has upset you. Meditation has just calmed that moment out for me. 
I also turned vegetarian
I've always had a problem with eating eggs, and i found out I have an egg intolerance, I'm allergic to them. I know it's very werid.
I also never eaten lamb, duck, quail eggs, goat, rabbit.
just pork, chicken and somtimes beef. 
so I've ended it. 
Yes that means no more bacon as well. 

Ah I feel like somehow everything is going to be okay for a long time. 

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